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jean_roberta's Journal

25 August
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I am a venerable low-femme lesbian (no big hair, deep cleavage or stilettos) with a leftist world-view, spiritually pagan but not obsessed. (I believe that the Goddess helps those who help themselves.) I have a partner who prefers not to be mentioned.

Writing is my obsession but I must also hold down a day job so I teach mandatory first-year university English classes (for about 25 years now) in the middle of Canada, in a province named Saskatchewan. (No one who hasn't lived here seems able to say it, let alone spell it. The letters "SK" work fine, even on snail-mail.)

I moved here from the Mormon hills of southern Idaho as a teenager with my academic parents, back in the 1960s. We sheltered draft-dodgers until the U.S. government amnesty of 1974. (If there is another draft, I am willing to continue the family tradition.) I became a Canadian citizen, then learned that I could reclaim my U.S. citizenship, so I now travel on 2 passports and am trying to register to vote anti-Republican in the U.S. in 2008.

I spent a year in London, England in 1973-74, met a refugee from the Nigerian Civil War, sponsored him into Canada, married him and had a baby girl. I became a refugee from married hell. My ex died in SK in December 2006, and I really hope he is finally at peace.

My daughter is now in her thirties, loves city life and works as a photographer in Toronto - you can find her under "Liz Ikiriko." She would like to slide across the border as easily as I do, but she was born when I only had Canadian citizenship, so it seems she can never be American without a green card. She & her husband have two children, a son and a daughter.